Attorney Spotlight: Nicholas Lange


Why did you become a lawyer?

As cliché as it seems, I became a lawyer to help make the world a fair place. Seeing large entities get their way simply because they had more money or influence always irked me. This is something I try not to lose sight of, and it’s no coincidence that this problem is one that class action attorneys are uniquely qualified to solve.

What are three things you couldn’t survive without?

Spices, fancy beer, and mountains.

Favorite musician or band?

I’m always playing piano, so of course it’s piano music: Joe Hisaishi or Ludovico Einaudi. If I had to pick “normal” music: Death Cab for Cutie.

Favorite thing to do on the weekend?

Cooking! Or better yet, cooking with a real fire. Real fire and smoke just seem to make everything taste better, and who doesn’t love building fires?

Most memorable court room experience?

The first time I went back and forth with a judge as a young attorney and realized that they’re people, too. In law school, most of us saw judges at these transcendent figures who issued unquestionable decrees from above. The first time I went back and forth with one over a routine discovery motion, I remember thinking – wow, this is pretty neat; I can argue and reason with them just like I can with anyone else. The judge ended up changing his ruling and that moment just stuck with me.

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