On June 7, 2021, the district court for the Western District of Missouri appointed Todd D. Carpenter of Lynch Carpenter, LLP, along with Lubna Faruqi, as interim co-lead counsel for the multidistrict litigation against The J.M. Smucker Company and The Folger Coffee Company ( “Defendants”) for allegedly deceiving consumers by misrepresenting total servings claims for over dozens Folgers-branded ground coffee products. The named plaintiffs, who span several states, allege the Folgers coffee cans fail to yield the number of cups of coffee prominently set forth on the package labeling according to the brewing instructions also provided on the packaging. Since his appointment, Todd has diligently represented the class in our effort to make Folgers repay the hardworking Americans who were denied their promised cups of Joe.

More recently, Defendants’ attempts to delay plaintiffs’ day in court have been stopped short by the district court. On March 9, 2022, the Honorable Beth Phillips summarily denied Defendants’ motion to dismiss additional claims brought following her Honor’s earlier substantial denial of Defendants’ motion to dismiss the entire action on December 28, 2021. Following the two rulings in plaintiffs’ favor on the pleadings, Judge Phillips on June 29, 2022, ordered Defendants to produce hundreds of thousands of pages of electronically stored documents they had until very recently refused to produce. Todd and his team are now hard at work pursuing deposition testimony from key witnesses and corporate representatives to answer questions about the alleged scheme to mislead consumers by improperly labeling Folgers Coffee.

With Todd’s help, consumers are going to get a different present this year and a better version of waking up – repayment for their missing cups of Folgers Coffee. Plaintiffs are also seeking injunctive relief to prevent the Defendants from continuing to mislabel Folgers Coffee.

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