National law firm welcomes new partners and official name change

PITTSBURGH (March 1, 2022) — Carlson Lynch has announced their conversion to Lynch Carpenter, along with their new mission- Pursuit with Purpose. Lynch Carpenter will be comprised of partners Todd Carpenter, Katrina Carroll, Eddie Kim, Jamisen Etzel, Kelly Iverson, Ed Ciolko, Ed Kilpela, Kyle Shamberg, Kate Lally, and founding partner, Gary Lynch. Bruce Carlson and new partner Ian Brown will be focused solely on disability rights (ADA), a cause Bruce has long supported. The two will continue to work alongside Lynch Carpenter to deliver justice to their clients. Lynch Carpenter will continue to target worker’s rights violations and class action lawsuits.

“The transition of Carlson Lynch to Lynch Carpenter was a natural progression. As a firm, we have strengthened our commitment around consumer protection and justice for the American people when it comes to data protection and anti-trust. Bruce has always been solely committed to fighting for ADA rights in the disabled community. We support his calling and will continue to align with him and his team when needed. On a personal note, we’ve been friends for more than 40 years. This transition is about firm focus. I’m excited for the opportunities of both firms.
Partner, Todd Carpenter, has been with our firm for the better part of 5 years. Bruce Carlson has partnered with Ian Brown, a former Carlson Lynch attorney.” said Gary Lynch of Lynch Carpenter.

The firm’s name change to Lynch Carpenter will be made official on Tuesday March 1, 2022.

About Lynch Carpenter
Lynch Carpenter fights for everyday people. When the system fails an employee, consumer or a citizen whose rights have been violated, Lynch Carpenter is here to uphold justice. No one should be denied the wages they deserve, face discrimination or contend with unfair business practices. We prosecute individual and class action lawsuits, holding wrongdoers accountable.

About Carlson Brown
Carlson Brown is a Pittsburgh-based law firm specializing in Americans with disabilities act (ADA) violations. The firm, founded by partners Bruce Carlson and Ian Brown, is primarily interested in the impact of accessibility, and evolving technology on disadvantaged communities, particularly the disabled community. Carlson Brown believes in defending the rights of all individuals, regardless of physical or mental ailments.