Attorney Spotlight: Eddie Kim


Why did you become a lawyer?

The primary reason that I became a lawyer is that I come from a non-English-speaking, blue-collar, immigrant family, and it became very evident to me that we needed someone in the family who had a better understanding of American institutions to help navigate through all of the things that life throws at you. As a natural offshoot of this intention was the appeal of helping others who are underdogs or need a voice, which led me to pursue public interest work and now consumer protection law.

What are three things you couldn’t survive without?

Nearby hiking trails in mountains and forests; late night eateries; guitar.

Favorite musician or band?

Radiohead and Led Zeppelin.

Favorite thing to do on the weekend?

I have recently gotten into learning to do a bit of cooking (not particularly well) and hosting group dinners.

Most memorable court room experience?

Participating in a trial against Wells Fargo challenging its unlawful overdraft fee practices that resulted in a verdict for a large class of customers. It was rewarding to see justice being accomplished and help effect change on a large scale that primarily helped people at lower income levels.

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