Attorney Spotlight: Katrina Carroll


Why did you become a lawyer?

In my family, I had two career options: doctor or lawyer. I chose to become a lawyer because I wasn’t very good at math. In all seriousness, I became a lawyer because I am a person of principle and think it’s important to protect those who are underrepresented or not represented at all when they’ve been wronged. Every person deserves her day in court.

Favorite thing to do on the weekend?

I love cooking and entertaining and you’ll usually find me concocting something in my kitchen and feeding someone.

What are 3 things you couldn’t survive without?

According to my kids: coffee, Gibsons’ steaks (rare!) and my yoga mat (to counterbalance those rare steaks)

Favorite Musician or Band?

I listen to all different kinds of music. Some of my favorites are Maroon 5, Beyoncé, Panic at the Disco and Bon Jovi. Right now, I think Lizzo really gets me.

Most memorable court room experience?

There are so many! I’d probably have to say the most memorable was winning a critical motion in a class action where I represented women suing a drug company over failed fertility treatments. That win marked a turning point in the case which was ultimately resolved favorably.

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