Attorney Spotlight: Nicholas Colella


Why did you become a lawyer?

I’ve always been an analytical thinker and enjoy being in the “gray area” working my way out. Being an attorney seemed like a natural fit, and so far, it has been. I also recognized early on the benefits of understanding the law, generally, and how it can be beneficial in everyday life even outside of work. What they didn’t tell me in law school, though, was how many of my friends and family would be reaching out with legal questions!

Most memorable court room experience?

My very first experience in the court room will always be the most memorable. I remember building it up so much in my head that by the time the hearing came, I thought it was going to be like an episode of Perry Mason where both sides start yelling then someone in the gallery confesses to murder. Halfway through the argument, though, it turned into more of a casual conversation with the Judge rather than the “argument” I anticipated. Once that happened, the experience seemed very natural as though I’ve been doing it for years.

What are 3 things you couldn’t survive without?

My family. I’ve been blessed with a very close family who have all supported me throughout my life in every decision I made. The outdoors. There’s no better place for me to clear my head and get my thoughts organized. That’s where a majority of my big “aha!” moments happen both for work and in life. Food. Specifically, a nice ribeye.

Favorite Musician or Band?

This is a tricky one because I enjoy all different genres of music depending upon what mood I’m in or what I’m doing.

Favorite thing to do on the weekend?

I try to get outside as much as possible. It helps me unwind after being in front of the computer all week. When it’s warm outside I’m usually golfing or having cookouts with family and close friends. In the colder months I’m likely hunting or watching football.

How long have you been an Attorney at Lynch Carpenter?

I was a Summer Associate in 2015 and really enjoyed working with the group of attorneys in the firm, many of whom are still here today. I also thought the legal concepts that the firm grappled with were very interesting and, in a way, exciting. I rejoined the firm in early 2020 and it reaffirmed those two beliefs. It’s a continuous intellectual challenge and very rewarding.

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